For In Person Appointments           option #1

*Andover Office (near Alfred University) NY: call (607) 382-0424 to schedule

  Hours by appointment only: Monday- Friday 8:30-5pm
                                             Saturdays 8:30-12am

  (Payment is due at the time of the appointment. Payment by check, cash, or online/paypal for credit cards.
    For credit cards, paypal payment must be made in advance..)

  click here to print and fill out patient formsms

  click here for directions and lodging info

For Long Distance Phone Appointments               option #2
  Call (607) 382-0424 to schedule.

  Hours: Mon-Fri  8:30-5pm EST
             Saturdays 8:30-12am

  (Payment by check or online/paypal for credit cards.)

  Must send payment in advance with full body photo, tongue photo, and forms.
  click here to print and fill out patient forms