sexyface.JPG (283762 bytes)   Pat O'Brien, CAYP, CCH, AADP, AHG                       
   Board Certified Practitioner of Ayurvedic and Chinese Natural Medicine


     Although Pat has been a runner for 33 years,  she was into natural bodybuilding from 2006-2011. Her transformation
     during that time was featured on the website/company:!.
     If you would like advice on weight loss, fat loss, please call 607-382-0424 to make an appointment. Pat can teach you
     how to re-composition your body to a lower bodyfat percentage, making you leaner. 
     Long distance phone appointments are also available.
    Pat believes in custom tailoring diet to an individual's genetics, to also address such issues as genetic tendencies
    towards water retention/dryness, excessive/out of control appetites, medical issues, and learning how to avoid
    emotional eating. General advice does not work for everyone. Everyone's body is genetically different. Pat
    took her bodyfat down from 28% to 12.8%, even while drinking heavily sweetened fruit juices, milk, and
    eating cereal such as Lucky Charms and Wheaties.

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May 2007



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June 2007



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