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Functional medicine approaches the underlying causes of disease. This method follows a system-oriented approach. In this approach, both patient and practitioner are involved in a partnership. It is one kind of evolution in practice. It can also address the basic and advanced healthcare needs of the people. Functional medicine targets the whole person not just a particular disease or symptom. It is a personalized system as well. The functional practitioners spend their valuable time to listen to the histories, problems and regular lifestyle of a patient. This is acute care of model. By this method, the patient can also take a vital part in their health up-gradation. 

Many people want to start their functional medical practice. By following these steps, you can start your functional medicine practice

Thriving functional medicine practice


If you want to become a certified functional medicine practitioner, then you must have the license in these specialties. The credentials are such as follows:

  • Medical doctor
  • Naturopathic doctor
  • Registered dietician
  • Registered and certified nurse
  • Physician assistant
  • Pharmacist
  • Acupuncturist

1. Highlight your brand:

At first, you will have to tell your customers who you are and what your agenda is. The modern identity should echo all your agendas. You will have to highlight your brand and make your audience aware of it. 

2. Home-service:

You can see your patients at homes and by doing this; you can avoid all related costs of it. You can easily start up your practice and benefit your cash flow as well. You do not need the required staff to maintain full hospitality and other things. In-home, you can cut out the external costs as well. 

3. Understand Genetically and biochemically Uniqueness:

Functional medicine views all of us differently, genetically and biochemically. It is an advanced kind of personalized health care approach. It treats the individual and not the disease only. So, you will have to become an expert in this part. It does not only attack the disease.

When you take a look at the whole picture, you can truly come up with innovative solutions like training with a weight vest instead of going to the gym.

4. Save the cost of the consumers:

With your beneficial service, you can help the consumers. You can cut the cost of the consumers. If you can lead a healthy lifestyle, then you can reduce the cost of the overall health expenses. 

5. Address standard care issues:

The professional functional medical representative will have to address standard care issues to solve the problems of patients. It needs the full care of treatment and requires different approaches as well. 

6. Seek the help of professional corporation:

You will have to need the help of a professional Medical Corporation. You can seek many more advantages from there. It can provide you with a kind of strong and permanent shield. A non-physician or a non-corporation cannot seek this practice. 

7. Understand the issue of privacy and security:

You should understand the privacy and security as well. You should remember this in the case of solo practices as well. 

A thorough understanding of the history, past surgeries, regular diet chart and lifestyle, exercises can make a huge change. As a professional practitioner of functional medicine, you will have to cover these areas and provide the best solution according to their needs and requirements. Your advice can change someone’s life. You can show them a guideline and ask them to follow that particular. Functional medicine can also offer so many advantages as well. 

Many female health professionals seek this profession to get connected with the patients and solve their problems from the root. They embrace the field of functional medicine. They can prevent chronic disease. They can also reverse the trend of diabetes, cancers, heart disease and other kinds of diseases. According to the functional medical professionals, your body can heal the disease itself. It can prevent many more diseases. They can open a big picture for the patients. They can lead their life towards a perfect goal as well. They must motivate patients and make them aware of some techniques. These effective techniques can solve many problems related to health. They will not need to visit their doctors regularly. By practicing these effective and beneficial steps, you can improve your health status. 


How to Become a Functional Medicine Practitioner?

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If you are interested in becoming a functional medicine practitioner then you must have a deep understanding of various programs of functional medicine training. Several programs can be advantageous for people who want to start their career in this field. 

What Category are Your In?

Generally, there are two categories in functional medicine training. One is for the aspirants already having a degree in medicine and the other for those who do not have any degree. 

Category one

If you already have a degree like DC, MD, Lac or ND then you need not learn the background of science to know about functional medicine. The aspirants of this category can join the IFM or the Institute of Functional Medicine that offers the world’s best courses to practice medicine in various areas. From introductory courses to advanced programs like how to teach people about the best exercise and diet programs etc. you can find the best options in this institute. There are special training programs for every field depending on how you want to specialize.

Category two

You will have to first of all focus on learning the background of the science so that you can easily understand the advanced courses in due time. 

Background of Functional Medicine

An integrative healthcare patient-centered approach based on science is known as functional medicine practice. The practitioner focuses on the prevention of diseases through diet, exercise, and nutrition. He uses various diagnostic techniques including the latest lab testing to prescribe a treatment. He prescribes a combination of botanical medicines, drugs, therapeutic diets, supplements, stress management techniques and detoxification programs to treat several health problems.

Best training program to be a functional medicine practitioner

One can choose an institute for functional medicine training program according to his general aptitude and previous schooling. You can find some medical schools around you, ranging from naturopathy medical school to medical schools where you can get training to get a degree in Chinese acupuncture and medicine or a chiropractic degree to be a successful functional medicine practitioner one day. 

But if you already have an NP, DO or MD degree then you can have a full-service clinic in which you can provide various types of functional medications including prescription medications under one roof. However, to provide a combination of functional medicine practice including chiropractic, naturopathy and Chinese medicines you must have an exceptional approach in your mind towards anti-conventional medicines. 

Training to be a functional medicine practitioner

Once the IFM accepts a practitioner for functional medicine training program the candidate needs to apply for Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice’. After completing this program he will have to go through six modules of a training program focused on all the systems of the human body. The areas included in these six modules include detox, gastrointestinal, hormone, immunity, energy, and cardio-metabolism. These courses are offered in various cities around the country for 17 hours on an average. One can be a functional medicine practitioner once all the modules are completed and a written exam is passed in passing grade and a case report is accepted and graded as per the criteria of IFM. 

The candidate will get a designation of certified functional medicine practitioner after completing this training program successfully within seven years of applying for the functional medicine training program.


Functional Medicine Certification for Women

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Functional medicine certification is essential for any doctor who wants to help patients by using alternative treatments. Programs such as the Institute for Functional Medicine’s certification program allow you to gain the skills you need to help prevent chronic disease. Doctors across the United States are gaining this and other similar types of certification to offer their patients alternatives to conventional medicine.

Clinicians who gain functional medicine certification from the IFMCP can apply their training within the scope of their previous healthcare license. They do not gain additional legal status. The Kresser institute Adapt Clinician Training Course also offers a certification program. The Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional medicine usually accepts doctors who wish to train and become certified in functional medicine. As with many other functional medicine training programs, this one is catered to clinicians who wish to enhance the treatment options that are offered to their patients.


All individuals may not be eligible for a program that could allow them to attain functional medicine certification. In the United States, you are often required to have at least a master’s degree in health to qualify for a program. Registered nurses are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. 

Clinicians must have an active license to practice in the state in which they work. A student license is not applicable and all licenses must be permanent. When a clinician gains their functional medicine certification, they do not gain any additional legal status but must practice medicine within their current license.

Doctors in many different areas of specialization are eligible to apply for such programs. They include dentists, doctors of podiatric medicine and pharmacists. Occupational therapists, acupuncturists and registered dietitians have also been able to apply successfully for functional medicine programs.

What Type of Coursework is Required?

Doctors and other clinicians must complete coursework as part of their functional medicine training. Clinicians who decide to do IFM’s course must complete the course, Applying for Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice. Other certification bodies have a similar course that equips each nurse or doctor to design a unique treatment plan for each patient.

Old age requires more and more integrative healthcare

Clinicians must also complete other modules. These cover topics such as hormones, gastrointestinal, detoxification, and the immune system. Clinicians learn about established and emerging prevention strategies and therapeutics. They learn how to diagnose illnesses by using fresh research and can utilize innovative assessment tools.

Clinicians must submit a case report as part of their training. This must be submitted according to the template developed by IFM and completed by a specific date. A written exam is also required. Each element of the coursework usually attracts a separate fee. Clinicians are expected to complete their course of study within four years to be awarded their functional medicine certification.

Maintenance of Functional Medicine Certification

Functional medicine certification must be maintained once it is attained by a clinician. To stay current, you must hold an active healthcare license. You must also be a current member of the IFM. Every ten years, you must do a written examination and attain a passing grade. 

Benefits of Functional Medicine Certification

Patients usually seek out doctors and nurses who have functional medicine certification, because they feel that they gain more support. Many patients recognize that the treatment options which are available through conventional medicine do not always help them. They want their doctors to provide a wider range of options when it comes to treatment. Functional medicine practitioners are better able to do that then dentists, pediatricians or other clinicians who are only trained in conventional medicine.

Doctors who earn functional medicine certification often report an increase in the number of patients. This is because they become more effective at treating ailments that are not fully addressed by using conventional treatment methods. Many of these doctors are now able to get to the root cause of the chronic conditions that affect their patients. Their success rate leads to recommendations from patients who are eager to help others who may be affected by the same illness that used to cause their problems.

Doctors and nurses who train in functional medicine experience more job satisfaction. They know that they have become better able to help their patients, and they feel less frustration and stress. They can treat patients who have complex diseases more effectively, instead of feeling that there is nothing they can do.


What Makes Real Natural Medicine?

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We all know that we prefer natural over unnatural. But why? And what is natural really? In this short post I will give my views. Please keep in mind that I am not all-knowing. If you have something to add or would like to point out a mistake, please leave a comment.

So let’s get started. What is natural?

The answer would be something along the lines of: it’s natural if it comes from nature. And something is natural if it fits with the normal way of the world. So if someone acts in a certain way, you might call that “only natural”. What is interesting here is that many things we see as natural now, weren’t considered natural 200 years ago. So that leaves us with the other definition; something is natural if it comes from nature.

And that is a much more practical definition. That is why here at realnaturalmedicine.com we only sell products that are as close to nature as possible. That means we go out to find the best medicinal plants and herbs. And we work with producers to use as little processing as possible. So that you can benefit from all the healing benefits that are provided to us, by the wonderful and generous mother nature.