How to Become a Functional Medicine Practitioner?

If you are interested in becoming a functional medicine practitioner then you must have a deep understanding of various programs of functional medicine training. Several programs can be advantageous for people who want to start their career in this field. 

What Category are Your In?

Generally, there are two categories in functional medicine training. One is for the aspirants already having a degree in medicine and the other for those who do not have any degree. 

Category one

If you already have a degree like DC, MD, Lac or ND then you need not learn the background of science to know about functional medicine. The aspirants of this category can join the IFM or the Institute of Functional Medicine that offers the world’s best courses to practice medicine in various areas. From introductory courses to advanced programs like how to teach people about the best exercise and diet programs etc. you can find the best options in this institute. There are special training programs for every field depending on how you want to specialize.

Category two

You will have to first of all focus on learning the background of the science so that you can easily understand the advanced courses in due time. 

Background of Functional Medicine

An integrative healthcare patient-centered approach based on science is known as functional medicine practice. The practitioner focuses on the prevention of diseases through diet, exercise, and nutrition. He uses various diagnostic techniques including the latest lab testing to prescribe a treatment. He prescribes a combination of botanical medicines, drugs, therapeutic diets, supplements, stress management techniques and detoxification programs to treat several health problems.

Best training program to be a functional medicine practitioner

One can choose an institute for functional medicine training program according to his general aptitude and previous schooling. You can find some medical schools around you, ranging from naturopathy medical school to medical schools where you can get training to get a degree in Chinese acupuncture and medicine or a chiropractic degree to be a successful functional medicine practitioner one day. 

But if you already have an NP, DO or MD degree then you can have a full-service clinic in which you can provide various types of functional medications including prescription medications under one roof. However, to provide a combination of functional medicine practice including chiropractic, naturopathy and Chinese medicines you must have an exceptional approach in your mind towards anti-conventional medicines. 

Training to be a functional medicine practitioner

Once the IFM accepts a practitioner for functional medicine training program the candidate needs to apply for Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice’. After completing this program he will have to go through six modules of a training program focused on all the systems of the human body. The areas included in these six modules include detox, gastrointestinal, hormone, immunity, energy, and cardio-metabolism. These courses are offered in various cities around the country for 17 hours on an average. One can be a functional medicine practitioner once all the modules are completed and a written exam is passed in passing grade and a case report is accepted and graded as per the criteria of IFM. 

The candidate will get a designation of certified functional medicine practitioner after completing this training program successfully within seven years of applying for the functional medicine training program.

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