What Makes Real Natural Medicine?

We all know that we prefer natural over unnatural. But why? And what is natural really? In this short post I will give my views. Please keep in mind that I am not all-knowing. If you have something to add or would like to point out a mistake, please leave a comment.

So let’s get started. What is natural?

The answer would be something along the lines of: it’s natural if it comes from nature. And something is natural if it fits with the normal way of the world. So if someone acts in a certain way, you might call that “only natural”. What is interesting here is that many things we see as natural now, weren’t considered natural 200 years ago. So that leaves us with the other definition; something is natural if it comes from nature.

And that is a much more practical definition. That is why here at realnaturalmedicine.com we only sell products that are as close to nature as possible. That means we go out to find the best medicinal plants and herbs. And we work with producers to use as little processing as possible. So that you can benefit from all the healing benefits that are provided to us, by the wonderful and generous mother nature.

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